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OTTAWA - Canada's parliamentary engine sputtered back to life with a hyper-partisan bang Monday as the Conservatives sought
Mitt Romney, the Republican candidate for president of the United States issued his "white paper" on energy policy on Thursday. It calls for an integrated energy market with Canada, the United States and Mexico. Romney also endorses Prime Minister Stephen Harper's environmental fast track "one project, one review" policy.
Green Party Leader Elizabeth May is challenging Tory MPs to prove their knowledge of their government's sweeping budget implementation
OTTAWA - Parliamentary Budget Officer Kevin Page is warning the federal government that 64 departments and agencies have
OTTAWA - The House of Commons passed the Conservative government's sprawling budget implementation bill on Monday following
OTTAWA - After almost 24 hours of bobbing up and down in their seats for votes on the government's budget bill, there's no
OTTAWA - Members of Parliament completed a marathon voting session Thursday night on the Conservative government's budget
MPs have been burning the candle at both ends as they vote on a deluge of amendments to the Conservatives' controversial
OTTAWA - The tongue-in-cheek nickname for the omnibus Conservative budget bill is "the omni-mess" — an opposition sobriquet
Members of Parliament will be pulling an all-nighter on Parliament Hill tonight to vote on amendments to the budget implementation