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bill cosby sexual assault

As a victim, as a woman who was not believed, as someone who has had to live with the trauma of being abused for the better part of a decade, I really feel for Camille Cosby right now. What horror would she have to face in admitting that 59 women can't be wrong?
And Twitter's not happy with Yeezy.
It finally happened. After months of accusations from over 50 women with horrific tales of sexual assault, Bill Cosby's luck has run out. On December 30th, 2015, Cosby stood before a judge, faced charges of indecent assault, and paid more money in bail than most people see in their lifetimes. If convicted, Cosby could face a mere $25,000 fine and ten years in prison. These are charges from only ONE of the women, Andrea Constand, who says she became friends with Cosby when she worked at Temple University.
Andrea Constand was the first woman to come forward with allegations against Cosby.
The actor has been charged with sexual assault.
The graphic, 1,000-page deposition Bill Cosby fought so hard to keep from the public is a secret no longer. A New York Times exclusive reveals excerpts from the 2005 deposition that contained Cosby's own testimony.
While many stars have admitted that they felt tortured about Bill Cosby’s alleged crimes, few have been so public about their
She's been sticking up for Bill Cosby all this time - but she can't anymore
"I can't speak for those women, but I am determined to stand up with them and tell Mr. Cosby that he cannot simply avoid answering..."
Another celebrity has joined the chorus of Bill Cosbyaccusations; this time, it's comedian and TV personality Chelsea Handler