black bear

The 69-year-old man says he tried to scare the animal away.
He was left with minor injuries.
Arthur De Jong is nervous that the "little guy'' may not survive for long and could become habituated to people and garbage.
"It was just dumped on the side of the road. It was freshly killed."
Well, we never.
Don't mind if you do.
"Obviously, the preference is to keep the bears alive... nobody wants to see [them die.]"
Dudes, chill. That's what we imagine is going through the head of a large, lethargic black bear who has spent the last two
What's a bear to do when the summer heat takes over? Enjoy a dip in a kiddie pool, of course. Toshi Miyamoto of California's
A black bear was shot and killed in West Vancouver after breaking into a residential garage — and then returning to try it