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Black market

The LCBO is hoping to cash in on marijuana sales. The dubious reasoning being that they, and only they, are capable of handling the burdensome task of quenching the insatiable thirst of millions of Ontarian adults -- so obviously they and only they are responsible enough to distribute marijuana. Too bad Ontarians don't view it this way.
It hasn't really grown either. And that's good.
The War may suffer a slow and prolonged demise, but the end will surely come. Canada can be a leader on these issues. It can steadfastly promote the winding down of the War. Our country should reclaim its position on the international stage, not as a nation of power, but one of humanity.
When drugs and prostitution are counted in calculating GDP, one could ask why the items in the basket are not increased. Forced labor, human trafficking and illegal organ trade are also elements of the black market. If drugs and prostitution are counted in calculating GDP, should a country also count forced labor and human trafficking in calculating GDP?
If you're worried that only the rich will be able to afford organs, no problem: We distribute the organs according to the current standard, or based on need. We have a third party, like the government, or a charity, pay for the kidneys. So no one on the waiting list would have to pay for the kidneys at all. Whether or not you get a kidney would not depend on how thick your wallet is.