Bob Rae

Beijing called the ambassador's comments "ridiculous" as Canada presses for an investigation into the treatment of Uighurs.
“It was a tough discussion with the Russians. They were not happy with us. But they have to know where you stand."
The former Ontario premier most recently served as the country's special envoy for humanitarian and immigration issues.
The former interim Liberal leader previously served as an envoy for Myanmar.
PCs warn another NDP government would be a "disaster."
It’s a sharp contrast to a recent controversy in the NDP.
Why do the Liberals keep using the same tactics that have failed the patients of Ontario so spectacularly over the past four years?
The special envoy on the crisis is also calling for increased spending.
The former premier is advising Trudeau on the humanitarian disaster.
Nearly 600,000 Rohingya Muslims have fled Myanmar's Rakhine state since August.