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Bob Rae

PCs warn another NDP government would be a "disaster."
It’s a sharp contrast to a recent controversy in the NDP.
Why do the Liberals keep using the same tactics that have failed the patients of Ontario so spectacularly over the past four years?
It's shocking that he took something as complex as a broken health-care system and twisted it into a story complete with a bad guy and a motive in less than 140 characters. Flippant statements let people - important people like those in government - ignore the danger. And then, they don't have to fix it.
Manners are increasingly taking a back seat and it shows. What stuns me is how completely oblivious people are to their own lack of manners in a given situation, but how quick they are to point out ill-mannered others. Time to take an etiquette selfie. You might be aghast at what you see.
June 6 is the date on which the ban on medical assistance in dying will be formally lifted in Canada.
"I didn't always agree with Pierre Trudeau but he was a great man. I can't say the same about Tom Mulcair."
“Please join me in supporting a real local candidate, a good Liberal, and come vote for Marco at the nomination on Sunday,” Bob Rae said.
As the government's anti-terrorism bill is set to enhance the powers of the national spy agency, a former member of the independent
We've seen this script before. Higher spending. Tax increases. Persistent deficits. Growing debt. Warnings from credit rating agencies. A government unwilling to make the tough choices to turn things around. That's the Ontario of the 1980s and early 1990s. It's also where the province finds itself today.