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border security

The border is heating up to be a Canadian election issue.
Credit card purchase history is fair game for border officials. That might be a problem for Canadian cannabis consumers.
Canada Border Services Agency officers have the authority to charge a traveler with a criminal offence for refusing to provide the password to their device.
They have more legal access to your phone than you think.
Children in Canada are held in immigration detention or separated from detained parents, and this needs to end.
An open-borders policy entails that all people regardless of citizenship, origin, wealth or skills are permitted to enter Canada.
Unfortunately, the legalization of marijuana will have a significant impact on the ability of Canadians to enter the United States.
Given the controversy surrounding this new legislation, I fact-checked some of the claims made by the Canadian Government in support of Bill C-23.
At this point, I have to ask myself: do I want to risk my freedom, privacy or well-being — or that of a family member — to travel to Donald Trump's America?
Bill C-23 empowers foreign officials while eroding the rights and freedoms of our own citizens.