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boston marathon explosions

Running a marathon is an epic feat. It is a journey of body, mind and spirit. It is about pushing yourself farther than you ever thought possible...and then, even farther still. The community of people who participate in these incredible races are extraordinary. They are determined, encouraging and brave. Ironically, these are exactly the kind of people you want around during a crisis. The kind of people who, no matter what is on the road ahead of them, keep moving forward.
#FalseFlag? Seriously. The first question at Massachusetts governor Deval Patrick's press conference, following fatal explosions
An Edmonton man reportedly crossed the finish line at the Boston Marathon minutes before explosions at the world-renowned
Conservative MP Ryan Leef completed the Boston Marathon on Monday before the deadly explosions that left at least two people
Rob Watson’s first Boston Marathon will be forever etched in his memory, but the elation he felt as the top Canadian racer
Two bombs exploded in the area near the finish line at the Boston Marathon, one of the most famous races in the world, shortly