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bottled water

"This does not necessarily mean that they are harmless," a researcher notes.
Drinking it could put you at risk for hepatitis A and cholera.
"Trucking it thousands of kilometres across the country creates needless pollution."
More than two-thirds want Nestle to sell its recently-bought well in southern Ontario.
Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne has now acknowledged that there's an issue with water takings by bottled water companies, and she's vowed to fix the problem. Change couldn't come soon enough. If she's serious about fixing the water bottling system, here's what Ontario needs to do.
The company wants the well to ensure "future business growth."
Ontario's Liberal government is giving away our water. The ridiculously low water-taking fee in Ontario only covers 1.2 per cent of the province's total water quality management costs. This means the Liberals are using my -- and your -- tax dollars to subsidize companies to take our water.
The first time this has ever happened.
After moving to ban plastic bags by 2018, Mayor Denis Coderre hasn't announced any firm game plan on the bottle issue.
Water-bottling companies, watch out.