The products were made by Robert Waite in P.E.I.
OTTAWA - The public is being warned not to eat Central-Epicure Gefilte Fish, Ready to Serve, Sweet and Savoury. The Canadian
2012-05-28-GermGuyBanner.jpg It's been known for some time that germs can be found in the atmosphere and they have made clouds a happy home. But more important than how they survive is the question of which germs are surviving and whether they pose a threat to our health.
TORONTO - Ontario's Ministry of Natural Resources says initial lab tests indicate botulism is responsible for a bird die
WASAGA BEACH, Ont. - Ontario's Ministry of Natural Resources says lab tests will be done to determine what killed thousands
WASAGA BEACH, Ont. - Thousands of dead birds that washed ashore along a stretch of Georgian Bay were to be picked up starting
WASAGA BEACH, Ont. - As many as 6,000 dead birds have washed up on the shores of Georgian Bay in Ontario, say authorities
VANCOUVER - A recall has been issued for meat products made by a company in B.C.'s central interior because some of the food