Boxing Day

The COVID-19 pandemic means most shoppers checked their emails for deals instead of lining up outside.
Retailers are expected to offer deep discounts and big deals as they try to clear out excess stock.
Under the new rules, schools will move to online learning and non-essential businesses must close.
If no one gave you the perfect gift, it's a good time to buy it yourself — at a discount.
More Canadians want their deals before the holidays rather than after.
It's hard to believe that Christmas is only a few days away. The holiday season is just around the corner. This means spending some wonderful times with friends and family. Also, finding some amazing buys after the holidays!
You'll definitely want to check out these deals.
Now is the time to update an appliance for your kitchen or get any electronics you've been eyeing. Whether you are looking to purchase that coveted sweater or a warm winter parka to survive our long Canadian winters, Boxing Day is a great time to purchase essentials for yourself!
What Italians eat for the holidays. From the AOL Partner Studio
A representative from Best Buy says December 26 is still their biggest shopping day of the year.