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The framework is both comprehensive and ambitious, but will it work in time for Canada to meet its Paris commitment of a 30 per cent reduction in greenhouse gases by 2030? To answer this question, we need to look more closely at some of the key elements of the framework.
"Any pricing mechanism implemented should contribute to a vibrant and competitive oil and gas sector."
The government wants 90 per cent of Canada's electricity to come from sustainable sources by then.
Not only are out-of-province donations OK in Brad Wall's Saskatchewan, but so are corporate and union donations. There are no donation limits of any kind, and out-of-country corporate donations are allowed as long as that corporation has a Canadian presence. It really is the Wild West out in Saskatchewan.
The federal plan calls for a $10-per-tonne tax starting in 2018 and increasing to $50 per tonne by 2022.
A 22-year-old aboriginal man, Colten Boushie, was shot dead last Tuesday.
While, to the energy world, "100% Clean and Renewable Wind, Water, and Sunlight (WWS) All-Sector Energy Roadmaps for 139 Countries of the World" is simply a thought experiment; it also serves as the Leap Manifesto's energy plan.
"It's not like potato chips at all."
The Saskatchewan premier was re-elected with a majority government in April.
The final week of the 27-day campaign is starting.