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Brad Wall

"This is a project that will benefit all of Canada."
The worker was with Compass Group, which was contracted in November to feed inmates.
Brad Wall says he already has the "best job going."
Renewable energy is transitioning from a few keen farmers and municipalities to provincial and perhaps even national scale initiatives. This is good news for climate change and emissions reductions, but it also represents investment in new jobs and industries with plenty of future potential.
The problem with establishing a Federal Cannabis Tax Fund is that somebody needs to ask for it, now, before the legislation is drafted. Mayors and councils across Canada may be reluctant to raise this publicly while marijuana is still illegal and because there is no formal recognition of municipal governments in our constitution.
The survey tested the support for nine potential Conservative Party leadership contenders.
Perceived front-runner Jason Kenney is playing coy.
Using a line from Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, Saskatchewan Premier Brad Wall repeated his long-standing criticism of the
The Paris attack suspects held French or Belgian passports, said the Calgary mayor.
"The right way to do this is to get the right screening in place."