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Police are now able to conduct warrantless roadside searches to compel drivers to provide a breath sample.
It's important to understand what drugged driving really means, what tools police have and what Canadians must keep in mind behind the wheel.
Uber has found a clever way of taking away excuses for people who are too drunk to drive home. The ride share company held
A retired B.C. RCMP officer has spearheaded a breathalyzer designed to detect marijuana on a driver's breath. Kal Malhi was
Recently, the principal of a large high school in Toronto announced, with the approval of the parent council, that all students attending this year's prom would be subject to a breathalyzer test. The belief that we set everything else aside when safety is our concern, means that we could find ourselves subject to the most egregious measures, so long as we believe that the intention of such measures is safety. A school prom is not just another party. It is a special rite of passage, like a graduation ceremony. What students wear, who they go with, what music they will dance to are all planned even years in advance. So telling students that if they don't want to be searched, they can just stay home is deeply unfair.