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Conservative leaders across the country are just now poking their heads out of their foxholes and acknowledging that yes, carbon taxes are not the job-killing boogeyman the Harper government tried (and tried and tried) to frame them as. These same conservative leaders are now going on the record on carbon taxes and blazing a trail that Wildrose leader Brian Jean is studiously ignoring.
The politician urged residents to "please, please, please get out" of the area.
He claims the party failed to pay him for consulting.
Perhaps the legislature's early morning start times are too much for the party.
The oilpatch is "very afraid of Justin Trudeau," said Brian Jean.
Here is why I think voter turnout might actually go up.
In contrast to Prime Minister Stephen Harper, the new leader of Alberta's Wildrose party has taken swift action after a party
This is the last thing the Wildrose Party needs — on a night of celebration and renewal, things turned sour as a stage microphone