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brigette depape

Climate change activists successfully snuck up behind Stephen Harper at a Vancouver event on Monday in an apparent security
The most memorable moment in the last throne speech came when a young woman walked into the centre of the plush red Senate
OTTAWA - Imagine if the people who rankle you the most decided to hold a party on the same day as yours, and just down the
HIGH RIVER, Alta. - Wildrose party Leader Danielle Smith was met by a silent protester as she left a community centre after
It was just a 20-second silent protest, but it helped her find her voice. Ever since holding up a hand-painted red "Stop
Saying that Canadians need an Arab Spring to counter Harper undermines the travesty of living in a undemocratic country. I don't think Ms. DePape realizes just how lucky she is to live in a nation where she has the right to voice political dissent.
Parliament Hill is really the physical incarnation of our democracy, and our rights to feel a sense of ownership and to feel included in it are slipping away.
Brigette DePape stood up in the Senate chamber and with some silent action, a sign and a press release, stole the spotlight
UPDATE: New story including video about the former Page: Brigette DePape, Senate Protester And Performance Artist, And Her