budget 2018

The measures will cost an estimated $595 million over the next five years.
There is still a long way to go if women with ovarian cancer are to experience meaningful improvements in outcomes.
While it would always be preferable to balance the budget, there is little reason to worry about running a deficit equaling roughly one per cent of GDP.
The gender wage gap is a product of many phenomena, and pay equity alone cannot alleviate all those differences.
The Canada Revenue Agency will soon be able to more freely share your confidential tax information with foreign governments.
It's not only hard work that gets us to where we want to go, it's also an optimistic vision of how we will improve our lives and communities once we get there.
Vague, non-specific commitments in recent federal budgets put Canada's economy at a disadvantage to clean tech giants like China.
Every single one of us has an important role to play in order to transform our society and move us closer to equality and justice.
Let's look closely at the extent to which Canada is meeting feminist principles — both in policy and in practice.