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burning calories

You will have to get up though.
Here's a health news recap for the week of April 21-27, 2013. A Texas Christian University study found learning how much exercise it would take to shed the extra weight from the food you're about to eat can be a powerful weight loss weapon.
By: Madeline Vann, Everyday Health “Oops! I can’t believe I ate that!” Who hasn’t uttered those words as an entire slice
In the battle to keep our bodies functioning and healthy, calories are not the enemy. "They're not as evil as many perceive
By Dennis Thompson Jr.; Medically reviewed by Cynthia Haines, MD The rate at which you burn calories depends on the specific
We've all done it before -- listened as the friend who always seems to have everything together doles out advice on the simplest
By Denise Austin Trying to shed pounds? A few changes to your routine can help boost your metabolism and optimize your daily
Most of us like the idea of getting two for the price of one; after all, if you can knock off two frankly annoying tasks