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business confidence

Whoever wins Canada’s election on Monday will find themselves facing a business environment that’s gloomier than any seen
OTTAWA - The Bank of Canada says there is a divide in business confidence across the country as low oil prices weigh on the
Investment has been quiet -- almost asleep -- for an inordinate spell. Is it on the way back? A sleeping giant may be on the verge of awakening. When this one does rouse, it's likely to do so in a hurry. Those who are armed and ready to supply business quickly with the machinery and equipment it needs stand to win big in the next cycle.
Five years beyond the economic crisis, we are still looking for that solid year of growth. It has been a long time coming, but there is a growing pile of evidence that suggests 2014 is going to mark a significant positive departure from recent experience. Here are six reasons to believe that things are finally on the up-and-up.
There's a sour seasonality that has become entrenched in recent global economics. In the past few years, summer has become a disarmingly punctual momentum-killer of global production. Perhaps the most critical question in EDC's Summer 2013 Global Export Forecast is whether we are in for yet another summer drubbing, or whether this is the year we break with that sorry tradition.
OTTAWA - Canadian firms remain surprisingly optimistic about the next year — with positive expectations for sales, investment
OTTAWA - A new survey of chief financial officers at North America's biggest firms suggests the global gloom is starting
OTTAWA - Business optimism in Canada is rising sharply as the gloom of the winter months appears to be giving way to better
Since the financial meltdown in late 2008, bad economic news has had a tendency to arrive all once. This has recently been