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The company is planning more than $570 million in investment in Canada over the next three years.
“Our ... concern now is that the housing bubble will burst before the year is out."
Canada will see timely benefits as global trade picks up. Prospects for the domestic economy are not strong, but exports are already rising nicely. Domestic weakening should help to free up capacity for exports, which is running pretty tight in some industries. In others, there is capacity to absorb growth.
Investment has been quiet -- almost asleep -- for an inordinate spell. Is it on the way back? A sleeping giant may be on the verge of awakening. When this one does rouse, it's likely to do so in a hurry. Those who are armed and ready to supply business quickly with the machinery and equipment it needs stand to win big in the next cycle.
OTTAWA - After nearly a year of caution and gloom, Canadian business leaders say they are finally seeing the right conditions
In his first major speech since taking over from former governor Mark Carney earlier this month, Poloz preached the virtues
Canada’s economic diversity is fading, according to a commentary released Wednesday. “It’s likely that the early days of