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There is no shortage of "gurus" or "experts" in an exploding social media field, but do they really have the experience, skills and understanding to support your business and boost your social capital? If you are looking to hire someone as your internal community manager, or ‎to outsource your social media, please consider the following.
While I'm not an entrepreneur in the traditional sense, I choose my clients, control my hours and most importantly, do what I love. Here's what I did to position myself as a subject matter expert. It all started with an invitation to speak on social media at a marketing event.
I've seen business owners and personal contacts tarnish their reputations with a few words or a few clicks, not fully realizing the power of the digital world we now live in. Every picture you post, every status or page you like, and every update you share is essentially announcing to the world who you are, permanently.
Many of you have the skills to get to where you want to be. You just need to be found. One way to get yourself out there is to use -- this job-focused social network has been flourishing and only growing in popularity, especially in the last five years. Here are 5 recently added LinkedIn features you can take advantage of as a Generation Y job seeker.
Customers expect your organization to be socially friendly. Social community management and interacting with the public in the social space is a very important role. Corporate leadership in social media should not be absent here. Today, although there are a number of businesses in the social space, there is a marked absence of leadership.
It's a slow day at the office and instead of filing your last report, you creep your best friend's new Facebook pictures