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Calgary election

“I want a change. But I can’t vote for the other two guys."
Some days it seems as if everyone and their brother is moving to Alberta. And it's not hard to see why. Besides being an
On partnerships with the other two levels of government, Pincott is looking for stability. He wants the Municipal Sustainability Initiative (MSI) funding to continue at the provincial level so that we can continue funding long-term projects. He also wants to work with the federal government to promote long-term municipal infrastructure development.
It is true that those in this industry--very few of us being lawyers--earn our living from this process, but it is unfair to state that we are the chief beneficiaries. That is like suggesting that City Councillors are the chief beneficiary of there being a City Council, since that is a key source of their income. A fair and equitable system of taxation benefits all citizens.
The race for the Conservative nomination for the federal byelection in Calgary Centre will likely decide who will next represent