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Calgary floods

We speak much about "community" in our modern era, yet we have proved remarkably ineffective at creating it to the degree that we need and are fed by it. The larger that cities grow, the shallower the sense of belonging that we experience. The greater our numbers, the more remote we can feel.
Video From CBC Calgary Often a symbol of national pride, a silt-covered Canadian flag found in the bowels of Calgary's City
Here are some of the lessons we learned from the Calgary flood, and a list of what seniors who live independently or in supported residences -- and the families and agencies who support them -- can do to better prepare for an emergency or disaster.
It's been just over three weeks since raging floods wiped out countless homes and caused massive devastation here in Calgary and in Southern Alberta. It is nothing short of heartbreaking to consider what so many people are enduring, and what they have lost. The worst of it is that many of those losses can never be restored, replaced or rebuilt. But in the face of the worst disaster ever to hit this city, or indeed, this part of Alberta, our mayor, Naheed Nenshi, has been the voice of reason and reassurance.
The City of Calgary ran an advertisement in the Edmonton Journal to thank the city for their help during the June flood. Titled
Calgary and Canmore flood victims forced from their homes will be able to pick up pre-loaded debit cards issued by the province
CALGARY- Calgary police confirmed Wednesday that an 83-year-old woman who died while the city was flooding last week drowned
The Calgary Stampede will proceed "come hell or high water," officials have confirmed. Stampede chairman Bob Thompson says
Some animals at the Calgary Zoo did not survive the flood that devastated Calgary and much of Southern Alberta. At least
I've heard it said that a person's true personality comes out in a crisis. If that's true, then thousands of people may well have fallen (further) in love with Calgary's own Mayor Nenshi these past few days. When Nenshi ran for mayor three years ago, he wasn't a serious contender according to the pollsters. Still, my husband and I put a sign on our lawn, believing that this Harvard-educated, articulate, and worldly young Calgarian was the future we wanted for our city.