Calgary real estate

Things are getting a little too hot for comfort this winter.
An extra $1,500 was on the line for Weiner's client, Gavin Wolch.
And the vacancy rate just hit a 25-year high.
Calgary's skyscrapers are taking an exceptionally bad hit.
And it's just going to get worse.
Condo prices are now at levels similar to the end of 2013.
Every city has its hotspot -- the coolest community, the hippest 'hood. It's the place where the stylemakers go, where the trendsetters do their thing. It's about knowing where to go, where to be seen.
Sales activity totalled 1,741 units last month.
From the Rockies to St. Albert.
It's important to note that many of the residential neighbourhoods on this list are not necessarily riddled with crime. In fact, some of these neighbourhoods are generally safe and sought-after areas within their respective cities -- which is a potential reason why they have become targets for breaking and entering.