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Every part of the country looks different when it comes to the economy. But which regions have the best outlook? HuffPost’s senior business editor, Daniel Tencer, tells us which industries will see a hiring boom and which will see hard times in 2020.
Today, all the chatter in leadership development is about millennials and retiring boomers. Let's be honest: for most organizations, no millennial is going to be tapped for a top job, yet many of these organizations are spending money on understanding their millennials and helping boomers feel good as they retire.
Thank goodness for the housing bubble?
From its amenities to its backstory.
Baby boomers are a different story, though.
Here's a sad reality: most products and services developed by large corporations never make it to market. There are simply too many internal hurdles to jump through. Which means when it comes to successfully bridging innovation and commerce, larger-sized corporations can learn a lot from startups. And they can do so without battling bureaucracy or running afoul of shareholders.
Nearly two-thirds of the Amazon rainforest is in Brazil, the world's largest tropical forest. And after a period of success for environmentalists it appears deforestation rates are increasing again. Last year, the Amazon region saw a 29 per cent increase in deforestation -- the highest level since 2008.
Will it infect the whole mortgage market?
Kima Hamilton said FBI agents met him at the terminal.