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He plays catch whenever he can, dresses in a Blue Jays T-shirt every day of the year, and this year he made a triple-A baseball team. But the season opener is next week, and suddenly he is plagued with doubt.
Cuteness overload.
They'll reap so many benefits.
People on the autism spectrum have a unique view of the world.
Postpartum depression affects 15% of Canadian women.
Involving children in meal preparation provides a wonderful opportunity for them to discover new foods and teaches them to become more self-reliant in the kitchen. Getting kids in the kitchen can also help with many important life skills, like reading (the recipes), enhancing math skills through measuring out ingredients or increasing/decreasing the number of servings in a recipe, and even basic science by learning about how ingredients like salt, baking powder and flour work together.
Science is amazing.
But yes, ewwwwww.
There's feminism, racism, pacifism and colonialism in these children's books.
Another pregnancy. A miracle. This was right. This was how things were supposed to be. I was on track. I thought. And then cancer. Cancer and a baby. At the same time. Those things aren't supposed to happen at the same time.