The two leaders touted an "ambitious" new roadmap ahead for the U.S. and Canada.
The non-binding Conservative motion passed by a vote of 266-0.
More than 640,000 vials are expected to arrive after weeks of delays.
The strict border rules are meant to stop the spread of new variants.
“I’m not going to take public money for uneaten popcorn,” said Vincenzo Guzzo.
More contagious variants have been detected in all 10 provinces.
Calgary-born Ted Cruz is the latest to come under fire for taking a vacation while his constituents are in a crisis.
"Canada should lead by example" and repatriate citizens trapped in camps, human rights advocates say.
A 2017 report recommending more than 25 changes to the law will resurface in the House.
The Brampton Centre MP was kicked out of Liberal caucus last month over “baseless” accusations.