Canadian Border Services Agency

Expect to be handcuffed, thrown and held down, according to the job description.
"The unauthorized cross-border movement of cannabis remains a serious criminal offence."
More people on a terror-suspect database try to enter the U.S from Canada than Mexico, recent reports suggest.
105 complaints were "founded," meaning "aspects in the allegations made in the complaint were valid."
They have more legal access to your phone than you think.
"The offences continue to occur with alarming frequency during the summer months."
Despite all the legal battles Mohamed Harkat and his wife have been conducting to allow him to stay in Canada, he finds himself today facing deportation to Algeria. Recently CBSA filed a report where it plainly concludes that Mohamed Harkat should be deported to Algeria, despite the risk of being tortured there if he returns.
Freshta Hashim was escorted out of BC Women’s Hospital and into an ambulance, which was to transport her back to the U.S., according to CTV News.
TORONTO - Customs officials say they've seized more than 12 kilograms of cocaine at Toronto's Pearson airport. The Canada
The program led to 59 individuals being located in Canada, with 51 of them being removed from the country. Another 17 individuals