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A dairy expert weighs in on commons misconceptions in the wake of USMCA.
The lobby group says the USMCA's measures will have "a dramatic impact."
The issue has been a thorny one at the negotiating table.
The U.S. wants Canada to open its market to American dairy.
In addition to affecting milk, the TPP agreement would allow for more imports of yogurt, ice cream and different types of
LONDON, Ont. - Most Canadians would probably admit to being caseophiles if they knew what it meant. Caseophile is just a
With reoccurring and recycled negative commentary about dairy supply management in the Canadian media, one would think that it, and not money, is the root of all evil. The question often raised in Canada, and around the world, is this: does dairy supply management, represent a reasonable model through which to license Canadian milk production?
The use of some remarkable automated milking systems, which allow cows to choose themselves when to be milked and keep information about each cow's production, has gone up steadily in popularity since they were first introduced in Canada nearly 15 years ago. The growing prevalence of robotic milkers on farms across the country is a sign of encouraging times.
2012-04-27-mediabitesreal.jpgAn abundance of favourable media coverage has greeted Martha Hall Findlay's recent call for the abolishment of so-called "supply management" controls on the Canadian dairy industry. Whatever those are. While no one's explaining, everyone seems to have agreed -- they're bad.