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Discussions surrounding the need for new pipelines to transport Canada's oil to market have been a dominant economic, environmental and political issue for the past several years. Canada's overwhelming reliance on the United States as a customer, the U.S.'s growing energy self-sufficiency, and limited pipeline infrastructure have placed a low ceiling on the prices Canadians are able to secure for our energy exports.
New research looking at the economic payoff of two major pipelines suggests B.C. could be the big winner. Calgary-based Canadian
VANCOUVER - Based on straight math, British Columbians shouldn't be surprised to learn they will draw far fewer economic
Alberta’s government will collect $1.2 trillion in royalties from the oil sands over the next 35 years, and emissions from

EDMONTON - Electricity users in Alberta are being warned about a potential scam involving a device that purports to reduce their power bills.

The government says it is investigating complaints that telemarketers and door-to-door sales agents are offering what they call a "hydro power saver."