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canadian health care

It’s hardly news that Canadians have come to see their single-payer universal health care system as a part of the national
Many Canadians have developed an insidious culture of self-satisfaction that comes with being told repetitively by politicians and media that we have "the best health care system in the world." We have somehow taken this patent lie as a slice of authentic Canadiana. It makes us feel good, safe and comfortable. But you don't have a "comprehensive and universal" system if it takes two years to get a hip replaced, or eight months to get an MRI after a hard knock to the head. How can we keep a straight face and call our system a caring and "universal" one if many have no where to go?
Given the choice between a private and a public health care system, Canadians overwhelmingly choose the latter. But insert
The zombie that nirvana exists out there if we only embraced more private financing or private delivery never seems to disappear. We never seem to get around to needed health care reform.
Our fiscally unsustainable public health care system is in deep trouble. Getting the health care system we want requires a shift from a sense of entitlement to one of personal responsibility.