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Canadian Journalism

Not what you want to hear if you have a subscription-based business model.
Media managers are wondering what went wrong. They are asking why journalism doesn't pay any more. If the solutions are hard to discern, they have only to look at the technology they so eagerly embrace. It's the digital technology. It has spread throughout many industries including journalism, like a virus.
So what is it about the Canadian newspaper industry that leaves it floundering in the red and apparently unable to find its way to profitability and relevance in the 21st century? I suggest it has a lot to do with a flawed business model and near-monopolistic ownership.
CTV National News anchor Lloyd Robertson had his final sign off Sept. 1 after 60 years in broadcast television. CTV announced
After 60 years of broadcasting and more than 35 years as the CTV's chief anchor, Lloyd Robertson signed off for one last