Canadian Medical Association

Virtual visits could reduce wait times and improve access, a new report finds.
The Canadian Medical Association says many doctors are uncomfortable recommending medical marijuana.
Provinces and territories will see their health costs soar by another $93 billion over the next 10 years.
"Youth may be trying e-cigarettes before smoking because they are easier to access."
Some doctors say the changes are fair.
"Can you imagine any other consumer product that caused one serious injury a day over a period of five years?''
That men have higher rates of addiction than women do is not surprising, as men's social and emotional experience is rooted in what could be regarded as an abusive system which gives men only one emotional outlet (anger) and social expectations to uphold a masculine tradition that serves only the antiquated system that created it.
Provincial governments remain incapable of providing access to care within a reasonable timeframe, yet continue to maintain their monopoly over the provision of medical care. It's time for policy makers to make the changes required for Canada to have a universal and efficient health-care system.
CMA to meet with federal task force.
The School of Public Policy at the University of Calgary has issued a report pointing out that very few Canadians receive any help whatsoever from the program. And the main reason, they suggest, is that it only helps those who have sufficient income to benefit from a tax credit.