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Canadian navy

"It’s just unreal."
Every November 11, we honour those who risked or lost their lives defending their country. Rarely acknowledged in these annual commemorations are those who served honourably but were nevertheless dishonoured because of their sexuality.
The Royal Canadian Navy is facing serious challenges to meet its combat readiness requirements, according to a review by
There are likely only two things that can make Canadian Navy soldiers man their posts this quickly: a missile drill, and
Canada sure has a long, long way to go: The Canadian Navy has 8,500 personnel. The American navy has 317,000. Of course, the United States patrols the world, while Canada's navy patrols its own jurisdiction. But even so, the gap is not only noticeable but embarrassing.
We had no submarines in WWII, but still sank 27 U-boats. Post war, we bought Oberon class subs from the British, which again, had difficulty functioning properly. Most were decommissioned soon after purchase. The Onondaga, last of the Oberons, was sold for a pittance to become a museum in Rimouski.
The Royal Canadian Navy, its mission in Libya completed, will continue to patrol the Mediterranean Sea for another year, increasing
The Canadian Forces are investigating a civilian employee of the navy after details surfaced about his alleged friendship
CBC News has learned the Harper government is considering buying nuclear submarines to replace its problem-plagued fleet
Halifax's Irving Shipbuilding is getting the $25-billion contract to build 21 Canadian combat ships and Vancouver's Seaspan