canadian penny discontinued

On Monday, retailers finally started rounding cash transactions to the nearest nickel in cases where neither party can produce enough pennies -- this to account for the fact that the mint also began, on Monday, its new procedure of melting and recycling all pennies received by banks. That so many Canadians have used the occasion of the penny's long roll home as an opportunity to raise money for worthy causes is heartening. But that it took the government this long to drop a coin that had clearly outlived its usefulness at least thirty years ago is discouraging.
With the official demise of the penny now beginning, one Newfoundland singer-songwriter has penned a song based on the one
Today marks the sad end for the penny, a minuscule monetary denomination that was perhaps best known as provider of good
The Royal Canadian Mint officially ended its distribution of one-cent coins to Canada's financial institutions. But businesses
The penny's demise had been anticipated since March 29, 2012, when federal Finance Minister James Flaherty announced in the
Get ready for a new era in Canadian currency. The Royal Canadian Mint will stop issuing the penny on Monday, Feb. 4, marking
The Royal Canadian Mint starts collecting one-cent coins on Feb. 4 for melting and recycling of the metal content, with some
Finance Minister Jim Flaherty announced the impending withdrawal of the penny in last March's budget, saying the government
OTTAWA - A Nova Scotia folk singer can rest easy now that the Royal Canadian Mint won't be picking his pockets over his upcoming
A Nova Scotia folk musician is being nickeled-and-dimed over a picture of a penny. Dave Gunning of Halifax says the Royal