Canadian refugees

Donating blood is considered an honour in Syrian culture.
"People forget the resilience; [refugees] are human beings that have survived."
"We help, we hire all Canadians regardless of where they come from."
The UN declared last year that the minority Yazidi population was the victim of genocide by ISIL.
The premier says British Columbians stands with Parisians in their grief.
Nicolas Chapuis says the ruthless slaughter of innocent people in Paris should not harden the hearts of nations.
MONTREAL - For the past month, Sheila Sedinger woke up every morning fraught with worry over the prospect of being deported
Holocaust Survivor and educator, Nate Leipciger, recently visited Lulu Pusuma, a six-year old Roma girl in hiding in a Toronto
The federal government is offering to pay some failed refugee claimants to leave the country and will pick up the tab for