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cap and trade

Companies will still have to pay for emissions past a certain threshold.
"You can be for manufacturing jobs, or you can be for the carbon tax. But you can’t be for both.”
The factually dubious rendition was not a graveyard smash.
Premier Ford transforms the use of the word "tax" into his political weapon in his brand of dog-whistle politics.
Premier-elect Ford pledged early and eagerly to end the carbon tax, and give taxpayers money back in their pockets.
After years of waste and mismanagement by the Kathleen Wynne and Dalton McGuinty governments, taxpayers do indeed need relief.
Ontario businesses have cast a real vote of confidence in cap and trade by buying 100 per cent of the permits offered at the March 22 auction. There was strong interest in the futures market too. All told, the auction raised $470 million that the province must now reinvest back into climate action and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.
The reverse Robin Hood philosophy has been fully embraced by the Ontario government, an odd turn of events for the self-proclaimed "social justice premier." Nothing shows this philosophy better than the government's newest costly experiment, the cap-and-trade carbon tax.
Imagine this. You open your mailbox this month. Voila! Here is your first carbon dividend cheque from the province. Suddenly, combating climate change with a price on carbon pollution doesn't hurt your pocketbook like conservatives said it would. Ontario could have a climate plan like this. It's called carbon fee and dividend.
Canada's plan to deal with Climate Change is aimed toward the successful development, transportation and marketing of our valuable oil and gas resources in western Canada, while protecting our clean air and clean water for generations to come. Both sides of this equation are equally important. Canadians want both a prosperous economy and a clean environment, together.