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"Mr. Roberge, how would you respond if Mme Yousafzai wanted to become a teacher in Quebec?"
These professionals could be deprived of career opportunities.
The CAQ's anti-pot stance is sure to hurt consumers and citizens in Quebec.
In an interview with HuffPost Quebec, the CAQ leader said it’s important to learn from Trump's election.
Quebec voter turnout is up compared to the last provincial election, despite a few power outages and temporary closures at
The head of the upstart Coalition Avenir Québec tried Saturday to frame the election as a two-way race between his party
A Quebec government under the Coalition Avenir Québec party would use the long-dormant notwithstanding clause in the Charter
Coalition Avenir Québec star candidate Jacques Duchesneau has dismissed as "ludicrous" allegations from sources close to
Quebec families are over-taxed, CAQ's François Legault said in St-Jean-sur-Richelieu on Tuesday, vowing to eliminate the
Parti Quebecois Leader Pauline Marois’s attacks on the Harper government, whose unpopularity in Quebec is matched only by