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carbon dioxide emissions

We keep hearing about the need to keep global climate change below a target of two degrees Celsius. However, few people know where this comes from. The reason for this is that the target is one of the most deliberately muddied topics in the climate change debate -- not a scientific number, but a political one.
Canada, which has pulled out of the Kyoto Accord and has refused in 2013 to ante up the $400-million contribution to the UN's Green Fund (which we had provided to underdeveloped countries in each of the previous three years) appears to be increasingly offside with the global effort.
Will environmentalists be consistent in their treatment of emission intensity targets now that China has embraced them? Or will they simply forget what they've said in the past about such targets and hold China up for adulation to preserve the "China has taken a key step" rhetoric that would enable global carbon controls?
As Joel Gehrke at the Washington Examiner reports, President Obama's proposed Secretary of Energy for his second term, MIT
Which country emits the most carbon dioxide? With climate change a massive political, environmental and business issue it's