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Watching the American political buffoonery on television yesterday, made me feel ever so lucky to be Canadian.
What if someone - or something - else did something about climate change?
Bashar Al Assad wants the public to know making Sarin Gas is "easy-bake-oven" simple, any Rebel could do it!
Does anyone else see the resemblance between Dolores Umbridge from Harry Potter and Quebec Premier Pauline Marois?
While I have always liked Barrack Obama, this move for a military strike in Syria sounds more like a broken record from George W's playlist.
You know you're a resident of Southern Alberta when a tourist asks you what kind of bird (Magpie) is squawking in the tree, and you reply "Oh ... You mean the LOUD rat with wings?"
Is this how everyone feels after summer vacation?
Want to know what a real "Happy Meal" is? Just ask someone who's starving to death. Ironically, world-wide obesity is reaching crisis proportions and alongside this epidemic, the number one cause of death globally, cardiovascular disease.
After my recent illustration involving the University of Lethbridge, I was asked if I'd ever done anything else regarding the City of Lethbridge. I didn't have to dig too far into my archives to find this.
While in a perfect world, I as an artist would be sitting at my drafting table full time "Drawing" conclusions (pardon the pun) all day long for a profit, I, alas, have a full time job working for the Facilities Department at the University of Lethbridge.