cashless society

Switching to digital payments would boost the economy, a new study argues.
A growing number of retail businesses are not accepting cash.
Canada is a world leader in cashless payments.
"I think we're at a point where you don't need cash for most of what you need to do today."
TORONTO — Apple Pay is now available in Canada for people with American Express cards using the latest iPhone models. The
OTTAWA - Canadians are now using cash for fewer than half of their transactions, a survey done for the Bank of Canada suggests
Before you think this is just another a sooth-saying blog from a member of the financial community about the dangers of credit and debt, let me assure you that credit, in and of itself, is not inherently bad. It serves an important purpose and facilitates plenty of financial necessities. There is indeed some good, some bad, and some ugly involved in going full plastic.
The 23-year-old adviser at the VTAG Financial Group Inc. in Toronto was one of the early adopters of the "cashless" lifestyle
A recent article in Wired magazine spotlighting Canada’s Interac system declares that Canada will beat the United States