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By Anthony Piscitelli and Jay Harrison When communities debate the opening of a new casino, the discussion typically begins
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Toronto's business leaders like to think that they are helping to build a great global city, but casino building is city-ruining of the highest order. A downtown casino will tear holes in Toronto's urban fabric, create more costs than benefits, and send the message that Toronto is on the wrong track.
Exploiting society's most vulnerable citizens, the modus operandi of revenue-generating gambling, is regressive taxation. Gambling is a gateway drug; a city that enables and promotes it violates basic principles of conservatism -- notably, to draw on evidence from other jurisdictions, and to put social problems to heel before they reach metastasis.
A mega-casino will be built in downtown Toronto if we don't stop it. City council will be voting on this in the next six weeks. This is really happening and it's happening now. You don't have to be opposed to legalized gambling or casinos in general to not want one in our city. Here's why it's a bad idea.