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Public broadcasters exist to provide a space for information and entertainment that's free of influence from vested interests.
​​​​​ "With every high usually comes a sacrifice."
It feels disjointed and disorganized. It feels chaotic.
"The fact that this is something that I have to say is troublesome."
An email "shared in error" has Canada's largest airline up in arms.
During the months and years ahead we hopefully will witness the rebuilding and revival of a CBC we can once again be proud of.
The prime minister's hasty decision to stomp on the recommendation for restoring fiscal health to the news industry was more than a little disturbing.
A new television series based on the Anne of Green Gables books debuted on the CBC in Canada in March and began streaming on Netflix in mid-May. Regardless of when you started watching it, I'm quite sure you have a passionate - nay, fiery - opinion about this new Anne girl.
The revamped show will launch on Oct. 30.