CEO pay

Canada should follow the Netherlands and Spain in blocking CEO bonuses for companies taking government subsidies in the pandemic, a new report says.
They earn more in two days than the average worker makes in a year.
The payout doesn't pass the smell test for some shareholders who note the company's performance has been pretty bad.
Business owners have a responsibility to reject an economic system that pools profits at the top.
Not only are boards complicit in the executive compensation rip-off, but the government kicks in a significant share as well.
There's been a lot of outrage over a new report that shows that Canada's wealthiest CEOs are paid 193 times more than the average Canadian. But there's an even darker side to the story. Ordinary taxpayers are subsidizing those multimillion-dollar salaries, courtesy of loopholes in our tax system.
You think that's crazy? Check out the U.S.
"Making it rain" for a top executive is no way to make money for shareholders.
There was a 21% spike in complaints about banking services in 2015.
Nine million dollars for a year's worth of work ain't bad.