The planes, set to replace CF-18s, are part of a procurement package worth $19 billion.
The government is purchasing 25 used Australian jets for $500 million.
Only 27 per cent told the Angus Reid Institute that they were on the same page as Trudeau.
Now comes the hard part.
The defence minister met with Kurdish military commanders and Canadian special forces who repelled last week's major offensive west of Irbil.
One of the Liberals' top campaign pledges was to buy a less expensive aircraft.
Debate in Parliament hits a Liberal sore spot.
Harjit Sajjan told reporters that if the training of ground forces in Iraq isn't done right then it won't matter where bombs drop.
Two CF-18 jets carried out airstrikes this week near the eastern city of Al Hasakah, a hotly contested region with split political loyalties.
OTTAWA - For the second time in two days Canadian jetfighters have bombed an Islamic State target in northern Iraq. Defence