Cherries have been a prized fruit since prehistoric times. Cultivated cherries were brought from the Anatolia to Rome in 72 BC, and later became a favourite fruit of Chinese nobility and Roman conquerors (Henry VIII loved them) before they were brought to North America in the 1600s.
If you are like me, you try to find super foods that are not only super for you but taste delicious. After all, aren't we supposed to enjoy what we eat? Many of the fresh fruits we associate as 'summertime' treats are also some of the most beneficial in terms of their 'functional' benefits!
Dell's Maraschino Cherries was charged in state Supreme Court and pleaded guilty minutes later to crimes including felony marijuana possession and failing to monitor wastewater it was dumping into the city's sewer system.
For 32 years, my family has looked forward to our annual trip toward the Okanagan Valley to pick cherries. Now, much of that land has been converted to accommodate big houses. We have to make sure we don't sacrifice the very things that made a community attractive in the first place.