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child mental health

Even newborns can experience depression.
They're worried children's mental health issues are still being ignored.
Oftentimes when adults talk about the mental health concerns faced by young people, it is limited to a discussion on the impacts of bullying. However, young people live diverse realities, and various experiences and issues affect their state of mental health and mental well-being.
On the first day of school when the class list was posted, I was shocked to discover that my son had absolutely zero former classmates in his class. None. Not one. Across the playground, there were quite a few other kids in tears after discovering that their best or closest friends would not be in their new class, either.
We will always have our differences but for the first time in a long time I truly felt like those who have the ability to create change in the mental health system will do so. And now more then ever the powers that be will involve the true stakeholders: the consumer advocates. We are all going to work together.