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child protection

I read the news and wonder if we are truly a country that values children's rights.
“It's cruel to throw kids, not just off the edge of a cliff, but into a maelstrom.”
Child protection, like other systems of care responding to the COVID-19 crisis, has reduced services.
There is a well-known connection between teen pregnancy and child protection services.
Advocates say healthcare workers need better training.
Some people hate being in a plane for a long period of time, but I love it: it means you're off to a faraway destination. When I booked my 15-hour direct flight to India to attend a wedding, I was excited. The long flight also meant I would have enough time to watch at least five Bollywood movies.
Many of the children our teams meet want little more than to just 'be kids' for a few hours. Our staff provide activities, like the chance to draw or play with toys, or an opportunity to join a game or some singing. For the children who are ready and interested, we offer help in keeping up with schoolwork.
Girls raped at the tender age of seven, some made pregnant at nine. Young women sold as property. A 20-year-old burned alive because she refused to comply with sexual demands and three girls attempting suicide by eating rat poison instead of submitting to their captors.
Today's conflicts are smaller in scale than the world wars on which we normally focus come Remembrance Day. But tragically, so are many of the soldiers. There are some 250,000 child soldiers in the world today, mostly in Africa. Children the age of my school-aged sons are shoved headlong into a hell that's unimaginable for most adults, let alone a child.
Imagine the four walls around you are basically walls of blue tarp held up by tree branches. Your floor is a slab of cement if you're lucky, or a dirt floor where rats and bugs greet you at every corner as they scavenge through heaps of litter, scrap, and human waste. This is the reality of a Delhi slum.