child sexual abuse

"Every online platform has a moral responsibility" to stop child abuse, Pornhub said.
A New York Times columnist has asked how Prime Minister Trudeau can allow Canada to host a company “that inflicts rape videos on the world.”
Peter Dalglish was appointed to the Order of Canada in 2016.
His lawyer has called the process a "wrongful conviction."
It is incumbent on all of us — parents, teachers and children — to fully understand the dynamics of sexual exploitation.
"Until we start to put the resources there ... the story of murdered and missing is going to go on and on.''
Mental health services are "at best probably minimal and at worst non-existent."
Bellegarde is pleading with chiefs to confront the problem head-on.
For the most part, Canadians are a kind and polite people. We help each other, we donate to causes, we rally against injustice and we mind our manners. But our weakness is that we often believe things are better than they actually are. For one, we're loathe to admit that bestiality happens in Canada and often coincides with child sexual abuse.
"They can start trusting people again."