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children's music

He wants his fans to get out to the polls in the U.S. federal election.
The musical duo's pastimes are as wholesome as you'd expect.
They're teaching their kids Sharon and Bram's music, the singers said on their final tour.
The beloved entertainers embark on their last tour after 40 years of bringing us classic kids songs.
Beloved Canadian children's singer Raffi is touring Canada with a new album after having taken time away to focus on and develop the Centre for Child Honouring. While he was in Saskatoon, we sat down to discuss music and the making of a healthy society.
Raffi is the legendary children's singer of "Bananaphone," but right now his crusade is to keep kids safe from cellphones
Before you have children, you hear a lot of horror stories, mostly from people who raised a kid forty years ago. There's
Plenty of people tweeted about the Conservative Party of Canada's weekend convention, but perhaps none was more beloved by