China Relations

Relations between Ottawa and Beijing have soured since late 2018.
If you're travelling to Hong Kong use caution as huge demonstrations continue, the Canadian minister said.
The vast majority of Canadians is wary of China's state-run corporations.
"We should not let political factors into this process."
Climate change is "Made in China," but they get off scot-free. We need to admit one simple truth: handicapping Canadians with a tax will have zero effect on global climate change. However, that doesn't mean we can't exert influence and pursue real solutions.
PM’s office won’t weigh on on country’s justice system.
As China flexes its muscles and embarks on its territorial ambitions, it has quietly tried its hand at influencing the Chinese diaspora abroad. From the much disgraced Confucius Institute to pressuring a Vancouver based Chinese newspaper to dismiss their writer because he consistently produces what the Chinese government considers "Anti-China" content, I am starting to feel the anxiety of Beijing looming over my shoulder. And I don't like it.
“I’m personally very distressed by this attitude,” one professor said.
He's looking for win-win cooperation.
The leaders also acknowledged the thornier issues in their relationship, such as a potential extradition deal.